Share Addons Chat - ShoutBox Chat 2 by Siropu cho Xenforo 2.x

Đây là tiện ích chat cực kỳ hay và nhiều tính năng có tính phí của xenforo và được dùng cho DanSeoVn.Com hôm nay mình sẽ chia sẻ miễn phí cho anh em:


Giới thiệu qua tính năng :

Main Features
  • Rooms
  • Dedicated guest room with nickname support
  • Archive with search criteria
  • Top chatters page
  • Private conversations
  • Sound, desktop & browser tab notification
  • Global user commands (21 commands that you can manage and you can also add you own custom commands)
  • Custom user commands (Can be used to set predefined messages/responses via command)
  • User settings
  • User status
  • User group permissions
  • User sanctions (Mute/Kick/Ban)
  • User image uploads
  • Style properties
  • Lots of admin options to enable/disable certain features
  • Bot notifications for new threads, new posts, new users, new Resource Manager resources, new Media Gallery albums/media/comments
  • Bot responses that can be trigger by predefined keywords
  • Bot messages that are posted automatically at set time/date
  • Display notices in rotation (can be edited via the built in rich text editor)
  • Display ads in rotation
  • Set chat rules page
  • Rooms widget
  • Top chatters widget
  • Active users widget
Chat is loaded as a widget and you can customize the widget to load the chat at certain times on certain devices.

Chat uses the built in XenForo rich-text editor and you can disable individual buttons/BB codes.

Room options
  • Name
  • Description
  • Password (optional with user permission)
  • User groups - Allows you to enable room access based on user group (admin option)
  • Read only - Allows you to make room read-only (admin option)
  • Locked - Allows you to lock the room until a certain date (admin option)
  • Auto-prune messages every x hours (admin option)
  • Thread ID - If you set a thread ID, messages posted in the room will also be posted in the thread (admin option) In ACP there is an option that allows you to set the minimum length required for a message in order to be posted in a thread.
Room message features
  • Like/Unlike
  • Quote
  • Link
  • Report
  • Edit
  • Delete
Conversation message features
  • Like/Unlike
  • Quote
  • Report
  • Edit
  • Delete
When scrolling to the end of the messages in both rooms and conversations, a button will show up to load more messages.

You can also use the /find command followed by a keyword to search for messages.


Demo (Guest Mode) can be seen here: Chat

File add-ons : Dưới tệp đính kèm.

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